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magekotarou, February 27th, 2010, 8:35 pm

fried computer is fried. - UGGH I fried my computer on friday night.

"Way to spill cereal on it, Kotarou!" FML FML.

SO now we think that my motherboard is fried. I'm taking it to Apple in a couple days to have them look at it.

For the time being I am using my mom's computer which won't work with my tablet and didn't have photoshop (until I reinstalled it) So I'm drawing my comics with ballpoint pen and toning my hand which wouldn't be so bad except I am so used to drawing and toning with a tablet.

Luckily I am keeping the script on a PDA rather than my computer ^^; All of my photoshop documents for Checkered Minds are gone... I HOPE I CAN GET THEM BACK GAIZ I RLY RLY DO T-T

So enjoy slower, even more irregular updates. Awesome.

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